A Quick And Simple Option Everyone Needs To Try When Preparing Baked Chicken Today

Quality, nutritious and healthy meals are one of the essential requirements and needs of every human being should have access to. Despite everyone's wish to prepare their highly nourishing foods with maximum beneficial value, it is not possible to do so all the time especially for the working people who come back home tired and stressful at the end of the day. It is for such reasons that most of them end up at the fast food joints which is not the best solution especially for those on a diet.


For the chicken lovers who like it baked, there is an ideal option they can go for to ensure that they still have their favorite dish at home even when tired after a hard day at work. Such people can go for the simple but fast baked chicken recipe which ensures that they prepare their dish at home under the best and trustworthy conditions which cut the trips from The Kitchen Magpie to the fast food joints in search for junk that is not healthy.


Discussed below is the recipe that everyone should try out if they have to end up with tasty, safe and healthy baked chicken within a very short time span and quickly and simply. Visit this website at for more info about cooking.


There are numerous ways in which one can prepare the baked chicken breasts in a simple and easy yet delicious way.

The 3-ingredient baked chicken breast recipe

This is a perfect technique that can be applied by every busy mother or any other individual as it is not only quick but also simple as it requires only three ingredients and fewer and less complicated steps.


Four slices of well cleaned and pat dried chicken breasts that have both bones and skin.

 1/4  cup of butter for frying but more is needed for use when coating the pan to be used for baking

Approximately one tablespoon of salt combined with pepper


The procedure

The cook should preheat the oven up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

It is after the preheating process of the oven that one coat the baking pan with the extra butter set aside for the same purpose.

Coat the breasts evenly with the butter by use of the basting brush or cut a part of butter onto the top of each chicken piece in cases where the brush is not available.

It is after this that one seasons the breasts with the salt and pepper as well as any other seasonings.

Put into the oven and bake for around 45 min taking care to avoid overcooking. Check this site